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Monday, 25 February 2019 17:48


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Bonjour le planeur et remonté, excellent travail , merci pour la rapidité et le sérieux de votre entreprise.


Thursday, 18 February 2016 23:28

ASW 27

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Nachdem ich viele Bilder auf Facebook gesehen habe und sehr kreative, individuelle Lösungen dabei waren, musste ich Darko anschreiben. Leider gab es bisher keine ASW 27 mit einem Interieur von Darko. Darko hat mir ein paar Tipps gegeben, wie ich die Schablonen für die einzelnen Teile anfertige. Eh man sich in der Winterarbeit versah war dann auch das neue Interieure da.

Es passte perfekt und hat eine sehr gute Qualität. Das Interieure ist jeden Cent, und es waren nicht viele Cents, wert. Am besten gefällt mir die Dynafoam-Schaumstoff Mischung im Sitzkissen.

After I saw many pictures on Facebook and the very creative, individual solutions, I wrote Darko. Unfortunately, until then there was no ASW 27 with an interior from Darko. So he gave me some tips for stencils of each upholstery. Early than I thought the new interior arrived and after finishing the last winter work I installed it. All upholstery fits perfect and it’s a very qualitative material (Alcantara). It’s worth every cent and it wasn’t many cents. The best idea is the seat upholstery with dynafoam and normal foam!!!

Now our ASW 27 looks like a new one and rocks like an ASG.

Thank you Darko for this great new design! It was the perfect gift to my father.

Felix Huttel

ASW 27B PS: Here are some pictures : source Dropbox

Monday, 10 August 2015 10:24

HP - 18J

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After building the HP-18J I wanted a top notch interior to match. I worked with Darko to provide the templates for his handiwork. I am extremely happy with his work, the fit , and the material choice. Darko provides an outstanding product and tailored with exceptional results. It looks great and I am very pleased with the results.  Everyone who has looked at the cockpit is impressed with your workmanship and quality.

I would highly recommend his services and will be a repeat customer for future projects.


Chris Esselstyny

Monday, 27 July 2015 21:59

Cirrus Std.

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Dear Gagula,

The new interieur for my Std. Cirrus is excellent. It is made-to-measures and fits very good.

The old synthetic leather was nearly 30 years old and looked like 50 years. I decided to take your black leather with a red twine and it looks amazing.

At the AERO I have ordered my interieur and within 2 weeks I was able to do it into my gliderplane, so it was a very short time to produce and you did it. Great.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards

Thursday, 30 April 2015 11:46

Libellen Ausstattung

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ich habe eine Standard Libelle H 201 B, Baujahr 1974, die bis März 2015 noch im damaligen ORIGINAL DESIGN war.
Meine Frau und ich haben Darko am Segelfliegertag in Seefeld kennen gelernt, und waren sofort von seiner Arbeit begeistert. Ich habe die exklusive Leder Ausstattung von meiner Frau zum Geburtstag bekommen.
Während Darko damit beschäftigt war, meine Libelle auf zu hübschen, haben meine Frau und ich uns ein paar schöne Tage in Lublijana gemacht.
Die Libelle steht nun im neuen Glanz da, und wird von allen bewundert.

Ein ganz dickes Dankeschön an Darko und sein Team und Viele Grüße aus Bayern,

Willi und Gabi

Thursday, 19 March 2015 08:11

An Old Glider in a new look

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After my experience with the work of Deluxe by Gagula with my Discus 2 have Maria and I decided for our "new" ASW 19 to buy a new INTERIÖR from Darko.

We have chosen this time for Alcantara.
The material is world class and the workmanship is 110% Perfekt.

The advantage of Deluxe by Gagula we see in his experience, what is important for seat covers for gliders when many hours seat on it.

Now, this "old" aircraft is as New.

Thanks and greetings to all!

Saturday, 14 March 2015 18:26

ASG29E with Delux by Gagula interior

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We took the interior of our 1 year old ASG29E to Darko to make something special, and he did! This new interior looks fantastic; it is the finishing touch to this great glider.

Gagula used great materials and put extra effort in finding the right colors matching our glider. He has an eye for small details which makes this a very nice and personalized interior.

Nice job Gagula!

Kind regards,
René and Maurits

Monday, 02 March 2015 22:08

JS-1 with Delux by Gagula interior

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In January this year I had an opportunity to fly JS-1 in South Africa. The interior was done by Deluxe Gagula and I must say that I was impressed in every possible way.

The overall feeling is as if you are sitting in luxury sports car. The color is wisely chosen and makes no reflection on the canopy. The stitching is very strong and sturdy and it is apperent that it was made to last for many many years. The leather is of the highest quality and it even has that nice smell similar to a new German car smell :)

The leather is perforated on the seat portion allowing air to freely circulate therefore significantly reducing sweating and condensation underneath. To my great surprise even after a long flight the seat pan under neath the seat cussion was completely dry !!!

I highly recommend Delux by Gagula glider interiors for their high quality, modern looks and functionality designed by a glider pilot for glider pilots around the world!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 08:16

Discus 2b "FE"

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Thank you for this Great work!

I am absolutely convinced that Deluxe by Gagula knows his Handcraft for Upholstery work in Gliders. I look forward to the upcoming season and enjoy it every moment when I see my cockpit.

Thanks Darko !!

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 09:16

DG 101G leather cockpit

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Thank you DeluxByGagula for improving my Dg's cockpit. From an old one to the complete new and modern interior. High quality of the leather and perfect finish give nice look and comfortable feeling while flying. My recommendation to every glider owner :-)

Wish you Gagula to improve many glider cockpits!

Regards to all.

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